Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm melting here ...

It's h-o-t, and I'm whiny! At 6pm tonight it's still 112 outside and mornings the temp at 6am is usually 90-93. And yes, I know I live in the desert and should be used to it, but man it's really hot here July-September (and some years into October). If you're visiting AZ in the summer, know that you need to sip water all day every day to avoid dehydration (which can really make you sick). We had a couple of extra weeks this year of 90-99 so I'm thinking I might have gotten a little spoiled. Oddly enough, 90-99 is really fairly comfortable! And I'd like a little rain please. Only here does rain cause everyone to run outside and stand in it with their faces up and arms out drinking it in. I wanna stand in the rain!

'nuff of the weather report ............

The good news is that since I can't do much outside without burning up, indoor projects are making progress. Well, except that HUGE "file pile" that's balanced precariously on top of the file cabinet in the laundry room. I'll have to be in exactly the right mood to tackle that one!

On a quilty note, I've sent the Priority quilts to their destination, and I'm nearly done with the quilting on the green batik. Sorry no photos this time, my camera is at the shop. I don't have a new project picked out either, but I'll choose one in the next few days. I'd really like to do the Pick & Choose that Nancy and Erin and others are doing, but I can't seem to find that issue!! I know I took it with me to Mom's several weeks ago ... maybe I left it up there? It's all good .... just another opportunity to look through my quilting magazines and pattern books. Hurray!

Here's hoping your worlds are a little cooler than mine and it will rain here soon (I've never actually wished for rain in my life!)

Take care all,


  1. Bless your heart, that is HOT!!! Hope you get some cooler weather soon. In the meantime....quilt away!!! :)

  2. You are really HOT!! I don't think I could handle that, I'm spoiled to South Dakota weather. I agree with you, wouldn't it be nice to go stand out in the rain, sounds like fun to me. Good luck on getting some rain and hang in there, they say it can't last forever. Take care