Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm still here ...

Hi all,

Whew! It's been a couple of weeks since my last post 'cuz I've been so busy. Work is busy, we had family for the long holiday weekend, and we got to hang out with our 2 year old grandson for the last 5 days. I'd almost forgotten how much you don't accomplish with a 2 year old around. However, it is fun! How can you not play when this face wakes you up every morning?

But I did get a few things in my quilting world accomplished too. I've got the blue/green batik layered and have started the quilting. It's currently on the dining room table mid-stitch. And I finished up a couple of small Priority quilts for Alzheimer's Quilts. These were quick and fun, plus I got to try a couple of new things and get relatively quick results.

To honor my uncle, the carpenter, and who has had Alzheimer's for nearly 10 years now, the first one is 2 Carpenter's Square blocks that I found on This traditional pattern calls for 1-1/2" strips and a finished 11" block. Priority quilts can be no larger than 9x12, so I changed the strip size to 1/2" thinking that I'd only be reducing the block size by a third. Well, no, not really. 1-1/2" unfinished produces a finished 1" strip and a 1" unfinished becomes a finished 1/2" strip, which is really cutting the block size in half. I ended up with 5-1/2" blocks. No biggie, I'll just make 2. It's a little wonky in the borders because the strips required such exact seam allowances to make them work properly and I was tired of unsewing so I just let it go. I figured Alzheimer's can make life a little wonky, why not this?

The 2nd is to honor my aunt, his caregiver. There was no pattern for this one, but I used (sort of) Ricky Tim's convergence technique and Circle Dance templates and made a sun in the sky. Not sure what to title this one yet, but I'll have to figure that out before I email Ami 'cuz its on the form you have to fill out. ;)

Hope all is well in your worlds ...



  1. Beautiful quilts and your grandson is adorable

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. The quilts are both very, very pretty. I like the sun one especially (blue and yellow are some of my favorites). I'm glad you enjoyed your grandson. I have three out of my four here this morning (one is currently napping.....whew). But it is fun like no other fun, isn't it.