Sunday, August 8, 2010

a weekend finish - yippee!!

Got all the borders on both the top & the back this weekend. This thing is HUGE - it takes forever to sew a border on. I think this will be the last queen size quilt for a while.......I'm ready for something a little smaller. I like admiring the finished product! Tee hee.

Neither the wind nor the sun was cooperating this morning. I actually took video of the quilt top swaying in the breeze. The photos are only of portions.

Looking through the back from the porch - looks like stained glass!! Kinda cool I thought.

The sun. Blinding.

Here's the back. That piece of pink trim in the middle? That's at 54" x 54".

Next step for this is to buy a room size (oops I mean queen-size) piece of batting and bring it up to the longarmer. The last quilt I had professionally done, I sent away to a husband/wife team in NC. Both their web site and blog are down, so I'm thinking I'd better keep this one a little closer to home this time. At least I can drive up there if I need to. Plus it's in a higher elevation which means cooler territory - never a bad thing in the middle of a desert summer. Maybe I can somehow make a full day out of delivering it next weekend? ;>

So glad this one's nearly on the finished pile. Just quilting and binding to do. Oh yeah, and make a couple of matching pillowcases with the scraps.

Have a great week!!


Decided to see if I could upload a's one of the reasons why there's no full-view photo. This is what I was working against this morning. Oh well.