Thursday, October 29, 2009

She's ok.....

She's ok (in a loud sing-song voice). That's a line from a comedienne's skit that I listened to one night probably about 4 months ago on my way home from work. I have a fairly long and very busy commute - the comedy channel once in a while is a great way to just drive --- and not feel the need to just drive over everyone in my way!! Anyway, this lady was talking about not having a clue about home improvement projects but going to Home Depot, coming home and trying to help with the project and somehow gluing the cat's tail to her back, the cat squalled and she hollered she's okaa-aa-aayyy to the other room. For some reason, that just struck me funny and I use that line a lot. I wish I could remember her name!

I've been blog-silent over here in the desert for the last couple of months. The shop has been busy, but I think it's mainly just one of those times when I can't get out of my own way! Overwhelmed with all of it and would rather just read a book and escape into someone else's world for a while! ;) I have been quilting a little but I'm at a stopping point on my blue-green batik while I figure out what's going to make the borders work. In the meantime, it's "looking at me" from the dining room table. FMQ is really new to me and while I'm improving, it's certainly not show quality. I'm not even sure it's living room couch quality! Nahh, it'll be all right, I just need to do it and stop worrying about it I'm sure!

The two Priority quilts I sent to went to Houston and one sold. How exciting, that was pretty cool! I'm gonna do a couple more I think.

Probably what I really need is to make time for sewing -- I've been letting other things take precedence and haven't been sewing much at all. It makes a difference for me and I need to "just do it". I'll get started on that and the next post will have "finish" pictures!

Have a great night!!


  1. I hear ya Lisa. I've been in a non active mood too. Maybe cause it's Fall and we're going into hibernation or something. We all need a little down time.

  2. Ya supposed to get hit with `Spring fever' in ... well; the Spring! But my lazy days come around this time of year. I guess it is because of the holidays. My energy gets directed to them rather than my projects.. Still, I have things I HAVE to make myself do just to finish them..

  3. When you find out what gets you moving, please, write and let me know what it is. I need a big helping of it. Take care and we'll be waiting for those photos. 8>)

  4. Thanks Lisa for the tip on trying the dollar store. That's a good idea. I hadn't thought of that! We should never underestimate the dollar store huh? They always have great things for around the house! Your quilts are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog.