Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finish - and a Start

I put the binding on my "Stars" quilt this weekend. Started yesterday and finished it up today. This one was pretty quick - and creative. The stars are my own drawing on freezer paper and folded on the cutting line. Works pretty well. And the longarm quilting was free - I won the quarterly drawing with the last quilt I brought up there (they pulled my name out of the hat) - so that was especially awesome since this is a donation quilt. Dad's birthday is next week and I'm sending it along to Fisher Home Hospice House as a small token of thanks for their help three years ago. I'm guessing they'll sell it in their attached store to raise funds because it doesn't seem all that soothing to me. I did make sure to keep it really light, not heavy, so that if they do decide to use it for the patients it won't hurt them. One of the things I learned helping Dad is that toward the end nearly everything hurts, even your skin. Heavy covers can be agony. That may have been just him since he was in so much pain anyway, but I wanted to make sure this was comfortable. It's definitely bright!

So this quilt was finished on Super Bowl Sunday 2011 ... and the one below was started. No pattern - just took my stack of green 6" (ish) squares and paired light & dark, sewed down either side of the center line and cut / pressed / trimmed to 5-1/2" squares. So far I have 2 layouts and I'm undecided. I'll probably keep playing on the design wall (aka carpet) - that's my favorite part!!

Have a great night and thanks for "listening"!


  1. It always feels good to have one finished so you can start a new one! Your star quilt is very creative and pretty. I really like what you're doing with the greens. It's funny, but the first view is very modern to me, while the second is more traditional. I like them both.

  2. Both quilts look great. Whoever gets the Hospice quilt will love it, I'm sure. So many things you can do with the layout of the greens--be sure to show us what you decide on.

  3. Wow - your quilts are fabulous and I love the stars! Lisa

  4. Update - the quilt "told" me its name - literally minutes before I put the last tape on the box to send it on its way. Celebrate! I was happy, I'm not good at finding names for things.