Sunday, August 8, 2010

a weekend finish - yippee!!

Got all the borders on both the top & the back this weekend. This thing is HUGE - it takes forever to sew a border on. I think this will be the last queen size quilt for a while.......I'm ready for something a little smaller. I like admiring the finished product! Tee hee.

Neither the wind nor the sun was cooperating this morning. I actually took video of the quilt top swaying in the breeze. The photos are only of portions.

Looking through the back from the porch - looks like stained glass!! Kinda cool I thought.

The sun. Blinding.

Here's the back. That piece of pink trim in the middle? That's at 54" x 54".

Next step for this is to buy a room size (oops I mean queen-size) piece of batting and bring it up to the longarmer. The last quilt I had professionally done, I sent away to a husband/wife team in NC. Both their web site and blog are down, so I'm thinking I'd better keep this one a little closer to home this time. At least I can drive up there if I need to. Plus it's in a higher elevation which means cooler territory - never a bad thing in the middle of a desert summer. Maybe I can somehow make a full day out of delivering it next weekend? ;>

So glad this one's nearly on the finished pile. Just quilting and binding to do. Oh yeah, and make a couple of matching pillowcases with the scraps.

Have a great week!!


Decided to see if I could upload a's one of the reasons why there's no full-view photo. This is what I was working against this morning. Oh well.


  1. That video is so cool! I know what you mean about queen sized quilts. And I can't justify the expense of having them quilted, so I do it myself. Needless to say, I'm much more inclined to do wall hangings, table toppers and lap quilts. That quilt is a stunner, though. I'd put it on my bed in a heartbeat!

  2. Wow - it is fabulous! I love the front AND the back. What is that saying "keep your friends close and your quilts closer...." I wouldn't take it somewhere too far away. At least you can visit it if it's close! Best, Lisa

  3. Your quilt is beautiful!! I'm with you. After all that work, I'd prefer to use a long armer that I can be close to and visit. I'd be nervous to use someone far away and have to trust the mail or some other delivery system.