Friday, June 19, 2009

An Intro

Hello all - I'm moving to blogger from my old quilt blogging site - and looking forward to it. I spend way more time than I should online reading other's blogs and have decided to take the blogger plunge myself.

Quilting for me is rapidly becoming both passion and relaxation. It's an excellent outlet for my creative side and totally different than my daily life. A quick bio .... I'm married to an awesome man, we have 5 kids and the 2 oldest daughters have given us a grandchild each (both boys - 2-1/2 years old and 1 year old), we live in Arizona and I own an offroad performance & repair shop with my brother and most days I wonder how the heck I got from the dressed-for-success corporate Information Technology world to performance parts that are never in stock when you need them, grease & oil under my nails always, race fuel perfume and metal chips & dirt everywhere but whatevah! it's fun most of the time and it's certainly different every day. No boredom for me!

My mom taught me to sew early, and then I learned more as a girl in 4H - and I remember I learned the Importance of Ironing (must have caps and bold) while struggling to set the orange cotton cap sleeves on a brown knit top (could it have been the 70's?) for a back to school outfit. Mom was busy with someone's hair so she sent me up the street to Mrs. Page with my thread and my pattern pieces and my one straggly raggedy looking cap sleeve already set. After taking a look, the FIRST THING Mrs. Page did was plug in her iron and iron everything. In my 11-year-old mind, that was NOT the first step, but I did not tell her so - it wouldn't have been polite and I really needed her help badly. Her sleeve set perfectly - and it was so obviously the ironing that made the difference. She taught me a lot without saying a word. I think of that once in a while when I drag the iron and board out .... so thank you Mrs. Page.

I've been quilting for a few years - mainly because Mom spoke longingly of getting back into quilting so many times I kind of railroaded her into taking a class (signed her up, called her up and said THIS is what you're doing Thursday - life is short - take care of you too) and she had so much fun she talked me into going to the next one with her. We usually try to go to a couple of classes together a year, and we have so much fun when we go. Giggling is good for your soul. As is chocolate. And cheesecake. Oooh, and danish pastry. 'kay, 'nuff of that!

The photo at the top is part of the 1st king-size quilt I ever made, and 2 years after I finished the top, it went on our bed for the first time yesterday morning. Long story and not all that interesting. ;)

I'm currently working on this Turning Twenty in a range of blue & green batiks. This is an old photo - the top is now finished, and I'm working on designing/piecing the back.

Quick intro? Not very. Must have needed to "chat". Thanks for listening.


  1. Beautiful use of colors. I love to quilt, too, although I haven't been able to lately. I especially like to hand piece and hand applique although I will piece on the machine for quick stuff. Nice work. Bet your momma's proud! :)

  2. Good to see ya, I am going to keep both blogs going if I can. I have not made a T-20 yet but the more I see them the closer I am getting. Yours is very nice. I can tell that you have a good eye for details. be good cw

  3. Hi. It's good to see a new quilting blogger. For me it's a way to get inspiration and ideas. Thanks for voting on my pieces - buit you don't have it yet. You can vote again.

  4. Hi and welcome. It is fun to run around and read everybodys blog but then again its nice to come back to the ones you know. Glad to see another quilter and crocheter, I love to do both. Take care, chat later

  5. It's good to see you over here. I'm trying valiantly to maintain both - we'll see.

  6. Glad you are blogging! Beautiful quilt, love those blue batiks!!